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Current Events, Activities and Building Asset Tours of The Green 4 Maine Campus at Loring:

BluShift’s Next Major Milestone and Space Mission:

BluShift – Making Historic Worldwide Rocket Launch Test:


BluShift – Chasing The Launch – January 2021:


Loring Industries – Men At Work: 

Loring Industries – YouTube


Loring AFB – Facebook Page:
Loring A.F.B. – Limestone, Maine | Facebook


SnowMobiling Loring – The Must Stop and Centerpiece Tourism Location On the Maine Snow Trail System:
Snowmobiling | Loring – YouTube


Interview of Ongoing Redevelopment at Loring:
The former Loring Air Force Base in Limestone – YouTube


25th Anniversary Loring Tour Event – Weekend Flying Adventures – 2019:


25th Anniversary Loring Event – 2019:
2019 Loring AFB Open House – YouTube


Loring Personnel Salute Walk – 25 Anniversary Event:
LORING AFB – Salute Walk – YouTube


25th Anniversary – A Veteran’s Visitation:
Open House 2019 25 Year Anniversary – YouTube


Loring AFB Open House – 2016:


Commerative Dedication of the Hound Dog Missile Restoration Project:


The Bunker Inn Lodge at the Green 4 Maine Campus at Loring – Interview:
A new inn makes use of a former military housing unit at Loring Air Force base (


Loring Drone Footage:
Loring AFB 2021 | 4k Drone Footage | Shot with DJI Mavic Air 2 | – YouTube        

Historical Links and Videos:

Who was Loring Air Force Base Named After: 

Cold War Relics – History and Buildings Tour:


Loring AFB Former Stationed Personnel Interviews – 2019:
Loring AFB Personel – YouTube


Loring Heros Tribute:
Our Loring Heroes – YouTube


Loring Tour – A Time Remembered:
A Time Remembered – YouTube


Loring AFB Open House Event – 1991


Loring AFB Open House Event – Blue Angels – 1988:


Loring AFB Open House Event – Blue Angels – 1986:


Maine Public Television Network – The History of the Many Lives of Loring:


A Tribute to Loring AFB – The Progeny of the Cold War:
Tribute To Loring Air Force Base – YouTube


Loring Military Stationed On Base – Driving Tour 1991:
Loring AFB 1991. – YouTube


Loring AFB – B52 Flyover – 1956:
Loring AFB Open House – June 30. 1956 – YouTube Dated 06.30.56


The FIRST Nuclear Weapons Storage Facility in the US:


Weapons Storage Top Secret Vault Building #260:


Loring Military Air Security Police Sentry Dog Rememberance:
Loring Air Force Base Sentry Dog Cemetery Refurbishment – YouTube


Famous Visitations at Loring AFB:

President Nixon’s 1974 Visit and Speech at Loring AFB:


President Nixon Causes a Stir with a Surprise Stop at Loring AFB:


Colonel James “Jimmy” Stewart reports at Loring AFB, Maine, for a two-week stint of active duty at the air force’s strategic air command base, as a part of his reserve training -1957:


Colonel Jimmy Stewart Military History Including Time Spent at Loring AFB:

Loring UFO Incidents and Other Phenomana Sightings:

UFO Sighting at Loring Over Nuclear Bunkers 1975 – Re-Enactment:


The Mysterious Cold War Case Of Unidentified Aircraft Descending On Loring Air Force Base:


First Hand Witness – My Story of the Encounter in 1975:


The Loring UFO Experience Revisited:


Office of the Secretary of Defense – Loring UFO Incident Records:


Official Declassified Top Secret Pentagon NMCC 1975 Loring Incident Files:
assort1_ufo.pdf (


The 1975 Loring AFB UFO Incident Presentation at the Easton Planetarium Science Center:


The Loring Infamous Secret Air Police Massive Underground Tunnel Systems Complex:
Coming Soon


The Secrets of the “Vampire House” at Loring:
The Secrets of Vampire House – Jeff Belanger


Loring Air force Aircraft Historical Crashes:


An F106 Interceptor Jet Crashes after Take Off from Loring Air Force Base – 1966:
Aroostook County man searches for historical plane crashes in Maine woods (


Loring “Broken Arrow” Event – 1956:
Loring Air Force Base – Broken Arrow 1956 – YouTube


Bigfoot in Northern Maine – The Aroostook Triangle:


Bigfoot in Aroostook County: