Tenants Directory

Join our Family of Businesses at the Green 4 Maine Campus at Loring and be an active participant in the Revitalization Community efforts forging Northern Maine’s NEW Growth Economy and establishing Prominence in Maine and the Nation – This is a
Watershed Movement occurring right here in Maine!!

DFAS (US Defense Finance and Accounting Service)
SW Collins
Loring Development Authority of Maine
Three Kingdoms Nutraceuticals
US Aroostook National Wildlife Refuge
Sonic Boom TV International
Solar Hot Water Panels, LLC
Base Lodge Restaurant
Club 42 – NCO Club
Renewables Energy Collective
National Aerospace and Space Complex Center
10th Dimension Photography
Quantum AI Technologies
D.R. MacDonald Enterprises, Inc.
Structural Engineering Services
Bigelow Aerospace
Loring Job Corps Center
Butler Farms
Frontier Transport
Nextera Solar Energy
Dirigo Solar Energy
Ranger Solar
Global Enterprise Services
SFE Manufacturing, Inc.
Graphic Utilities
Global Human Platform
Pioneer Broadband
British Cycle Supply Company
Global Genetics Corporation
Maine Farmers Association
Pineland Farms Natural Meats
The Limestone Golf and Country Club
Inland Winds Residential Housing
New England Kenworth
TRP Limestone
The Bunker Inn offering Outdoor Recreational Experiences
Loring Industries, LLC
Loring Holdings
Global Advisors Enterprises
Loring BioEnergy
CCI Utility Company
Bangor Gas
Aroostook County Car Club
Cumberland Motor Club
KS Timing Association
Land Speed Event
British Cycle
Porvair Filtration
SynerGen Solar Farm
Dirigo Solar Farm
Loring Solar
County Environmental
Limestone Rotary Club
Griffith Farms

Guerrette Farms