Outdoor Recreation

The Green 4 Maine Campus at Loring PRESENTS:
Year-Round Outdoor Recreational Activities, At Scale Entertainment Events,
Conventions and Annual Festivals – The Epicenter of Northern Maine Eco-Tourism!!

US National Aroostook Wildlife Refuge:

The Green 4 Maine Campus at Loring also abuts the 7,750 plus acres of US Aroostook National Wildlife Refuge which is an absolute thing of beauty to be seen and experienced by either walking, bicycling or cross-country skiing over its 5 miles of developed trail system.  Canoeing, kayaking and bird watching are very popular activities along with tours of the Historic Weapons Storage and Bunker Areas.  Please visit:  https://www.fws.gov/refuge/aroostook/

US National Aroostook Wildlife Refuge History Brochure

US National Aroostook Wildlife Refuge Factsheet Brochure


Snowmobiling and Active Snow Sports Offerings:

Snowmobiling Highway Trail System – Loring A MUST STOP and TOUR:

Timing Association's Annual Land Speed Record Event - Some of the Fastest Racers in the US:

Annual Land Speed Race Event At Loring:


Annual Land Speed Race Event At Loring:


Record Set – 290mph 1 mile on Turbo Hayabusa @ Loring Maine 2012:


TLN Motorsports World’s Fastest ZX-6R @ 195 MPH:


300 MPH Unedited Version at Loring:


Land Speed Races Underway at Loring:


Car enthusiasts travel from All over the US to come to Loring Air Force Base for Obstacle Course:

Outdoor Running Events:

CompetitorME – Join as at CompetitorME for The Moose is Loose Annual 5k/10k Run:


We didn’t call it The Moose Is Loose for nothing – Real Moose Joining in on the FUN!!: